Frontend Post – Contact Form 7

This plugin serves as an extension to Contact Form 7, enabling users to generate posts from the frontend of their WordPress site. While it operates similarly to frontend registration, it doesn’t involve creating WordPress accounts.

With this plugin, you can leverage Contact Form 7’s field creation functionality to establish fields in the default post type. These fields can then be mirrored in a Contact Form 7 form. By linking these fields together, you can submit data through the frontend form, which will be converted into a post on the admin side using this plugin.

Key Features of the Contact Form 7 – Frontend Registration Free Plugin:

  1. Create multiple forms that are connected for frontend post generation.
  2. Map default post fields to corresponding Contact Form 7 fields.
  3. Upon form submission, the plugin transforms the field values into post type data.
  4. You have the flexibility to set the post status (Draft, Publish, or Scheduled) from the admin panel.
  5. You can choose to allow anyone to add posts via the form or restrict it to registered users only.

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