CF7 – Custom Error Messages

Contact Form 7 (CF7) is a highly popular and dependable WordPress plugin used by millions of people across the web. Many users encounter difficulties when trying to set unique error messages for individual fields in their Contact Form 7 forms. Instead of custom messages like ‘Please enter your name’ or ‘Please provide your email,’ they are constrained to use a generic ‘Please fill the required field’ message for all fields in Contact Form 7.

Some users have resorted to client-side JavaScript or jQuery solutions to address this issue. However, there is now a solution available in the form of the newly launched ‘CF7 – Custom Error Messages’ plugin. This plugin empowers users to specify custom error messages for each required field in their Contact Form 7 forms. It simplifies the process of configuring and displaying error messages according to the user’s preferences.

The ‘CF7 – Custom Error Messages’ plugin achieves this without the need for any jQuery or JavaScript customization. Users simply need to add the desired error messages from the WordPress admin panel, corresponding to the required fields in their Contact Form 7 forms. To utilize this plugin, ensure that Contact Form 7 is activated on your website.


CF7 – Custom Error Message Features

  • You can customize your Contact form 7 Error Messages.
  • Allows you to set Different Error Messasge for all your fields.
  • Plugin can work in multiple forms on different page or single page.
  • The Plugin allows to set validation messages for all required input fields.
  • Other validation of Text Field, Textarea field and Email field is allowed.

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